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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Updates

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Updates

The Season 7 of Call Of Duty Mobile is will only be available for a few more days. The Radioactive agent brought a multitude of new playable characters, skins, and two new maps. The skins included playable ‘Ghost: Hazmat’ and ‘Kruger: Alchemist’ skins. Two maps ‘Tunisia’ and ‘Gulag’ were also introduced. Five new weapons namely PDW57-Toxic Waste, Chopper Chain Reaction, AK117-Meltdown, and M4-Black Scratcher were made available. It even introduced an entirely new game mode called ‘Attack Of The Undead.’

The latest weapon added on July 1st was the QQ9, an SMG with great potential. Here’s how it is described on the official website.

By definition of its in-game statistics, the QQ9 is a submachine gun with a high fire rate, high damage, great mobility and decent accuracy. At extreme-close range – within about five meters – and, to a lesser degree, short range – within about ten meters – the QQ9 is incredibly competitive within the category of CQB weapons. Like most SMGs, its effectiveness drops significantly after a dozen or so meters, which is where assault rifles and other weapons start to have a more advantageous damage profile.”

This could be a great addition to your loadout for those close-combat conditions. It also has an all-new skin called the QQ9-Flood.

The new ‘Freedom Pack’ is also available in COD Mobile. Purchasing this pack will also grant you the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the new Call of Duty multiplayer map. 100% of the proceeds from this pack will be donated to the unemployed and underemployed veterans. This is indeed a noble gesture by Activision.

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Call Of Duty Mobile Freedom Pack

Take a look at the details about the Freedom Pack below

“The Freedom Pack contains seven items that players can equip for Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches. All items feature a red, white, and blue camo displaying a distinct Endowment design. Purchasing this pack directly supports veterans looking for high-quality jobs.

  • M16 – Hot and Cold: Sport this cool camo while exceling at mid-range engagements with the M16. 
  • MW11 – Hot and Cold: A strong secondary, get the MW11- Hot and Cold for a quick swap when your primary runs dry. 
  • Parachute: Equip this distinct parachute for your drop into the expanded Battle Royale map. Show off your support as you sail through the skies, then land and show the enemy you mean business.
  • Wingsuit: Soar for freedom with the Freedom Pack wingsuit. 
  • Frag Grenade – Hot and Cold: Throw your support behind veterans and equip the Hot and Cold camo, before you toss this equipment at the enemy.
  • Calling Card:  Show your support in the lobby with this Endowment calling card. 
  • Emblem: This emblem includes the Endowment’s signature logo

The new season will be available soon which comes with a surprise new Multiplayer map. Let’s see what it turns out to be.

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