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Call Of Duty Mobile: Season 9 Leaks Suggest Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith

Call Of Duty Mobile: Season 9 Leaks Suggest Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith

Call Of Duty Mobile has become one of the most popular games due to the massive viewership on streams and the variety of content being produced every day. And rightly so, because it keeps things fresh and new, adding a ton of fun content on a regular basis. The Season 9 leaks from the beta test server have excited fans like never before. Season 9 will probably see CoDM steer its gameplay towards the popular PC and console version of the game- Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Mobile to bring in Gunsmith?

Yes, that is exactly what the clips suggest from multiple YouTubers making CoDM content. One of the most popular ones is definitely iFerg from Tribe Gaming, who recently made a video on the leaks.

Gunsmith is a popular feature of the Modern Warfare series. It allows gun customization on a whole new level. From a range of around 20+ different optics to multiple stocks and foregrips, gunsmith may just allow players to customize weapons to an extent never perceived before.

Think about it. The ADS speed you wanted to increase for your sniper rifle but couldn’t without adding the ACOG sight on. Maybe that LMG slowed down your speed too much in a Hardpoint respawn and you ended up frustrated. Well, the misery may soon be gone. Make your loadout anyway you like. Get crazy and put that 1x scope on your pistol because YOU CAN!

There is no official update from the game on what the ‘gunsmith’ is going to be called but COD Mobile did post this;

Not only that, but players could also get 10 load-outs, put charms on guns, use shield turret, and even new operator skills.

If you thought the leaks were done hold up!

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Battle Royale to get Warzone perks?

Many are actually calling it the Warzone update. If you have played Warzone, you are going to find the in-flight animation, before jumping, a lot similar. Then there are names of the location in the map ‘floating’ above while you jump. Armor plates are being introduced and pre-customized load-outs from airdrops. If this doesn’t get you hyped about the future in CoDM, I don’t know what will.

Here’s BobbyPlays video on the BR update. Have a look:

You can expect more leaks to come soon. Mara is one of the presumed characters to be found in the next season’s Battle Pass, but there’s not much we can report about it yet. But news from the beta test server will keep on coming, so watch out!

SourceiFerg YouTube

Twitter- @PlayCODMobile

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