Call of Duty Mobile Will Release Futuristic Lucky Draws in Season 1 2021

Published 01/25/2021, 12:07 PM EST

Call of Duty Mobile is all set and ready to release the new season update. The initial update happened earlier today and will go live on January 27. And with it, CoDM has set a new trend with the season numbering.


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Instead of calling the upcoming season, Season 14, CoDM has decided upon Season 1 New Order, as it is the first season of 2021. This is unlike anything seen in a multiplayer mobile game before. The New Order teaser also showcases the theme of the upcoming season, and it seems like we are revisiting the futuristic setting.

Season 11 or the Anniversary Season had also showcased a futuristic setting.


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The Battle Pass for New Order will contain four epic character skins and one new weapon. Below is the list of all the major new items in the New Order Battle Pass.


  • Prophet- Geist
  • David Mason- Enforcer
  • Spectre- Chrome
  • FTL- Power Line

Epic Weapons

  • HBRa3- Capacitor
  • Locus- Carbon Cut
  • HG40- Cybersick
  • Cordite- Tech Noir
  • FR .556- Rogue Agent

Other items

  • Emote- Drone Control
  • Avatar- Enforcer
  • Backpack- Laptop Bag
  • Frame- Enforcer
  • New Operator Skill- Gravity Vortex Gun
  • Legendary Calling Card- Sanction
  • Charm- Button Masher

Furthermore, the Battle Pass will reset on January 27.


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All new lucky draws in Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 New Order

The futuristic theme will continue with the unique lucky draws that Call of Duty Mobile will release this new season. MurdablastYT released a new video with all the information about the New Order lucky draws.

First, we have the Social Disrupter Draw, which in our opinion is the coolest legendary weapon draw in recent times. The draw will contain a legendary ICR-1 skin called ICR-1 Forced Laughter. It is clown-themed, and therefore it will release the third Gunzo skin in the game: Gunzo- Clown Coded.

The next unique lucky draw will have the first legendary variant of the new weapon FR .556.

Called the FR .556- Superhighway, this gun skin will be a reactive camo with a base version that will react and change with the number of kills. Furthermore, this draw will release a new character skin: Ether- Network.


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The other new weapon will also get a legendary variant. The SKS- Particle Splitter is another futuristic weapon skin players can purchase next season. Besides the legendary SKS, the draw will release the second Witch Doctor character skin: Wrong Medicine.

All the other lucky draws in the upcoming season will be redux draws. Players can expect the S36 Phobos and Ak117 Meltdown to be re-released in the game.


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The update goes live later today, and the Battle Pass will reset on January 27. Get ready to witness a massive content drop in both multiplayer and Battle Royale, with different modes and events.

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