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Call of Duty Mobile’s New Event Is a Free-To-Play Reward Fest

Call of Duty Mobile’s New Event Is a Free-To-Play Reward Fest

Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 started off on a high note with a new gun and new modes. The ‘Going Dark’ theme did well with all the night maps that were newly released. However, the new map in the game, Hackney Yard, seldom comes up in the random selection. The probability of that map is so low that even after two weeks into the new season, many have still not seen it.

Furthermore, ranked mode has become stale. When Activision said it was testing the Akimbo perk, it should have thought better than to introduce it with the Fennec.

Fennec has the highest fire rate and the lowest time to kill among all weapons in the game. To add the ability to run around with two Fennecs is therefore utmost tomfoolery. One can hardly step into a ranked match now without getting shredded by the Fennec every other minute.

With everything going on, CODM has provided its players with more incentive to grind. Players love leaderboards and now we have one that does not care about how many matches a player wins. All you have to do is grind all day and receive rewards.

They call this new incentive ‘Knights Divided’. This event started yesterday and players had to decide which faction of ‘Knights’ they wanted to belong to. The rewards are essentially the same on both sides, with the only difference being the color of the skins. Furthermore, the amount of rewards being given away is huge.

Read on to find out all the exclusive rewards one can earn from this event.

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Call of Duty Mobile Knights Divided Event Rewards

For participating in the event, players will choose between Red or Blue factions. After that, each day will bring new missions, most of which involve grinding to gain ‘contribution points’. These contribution points will accumulate and open several rewards for the player.

In the picture below the player has chosen the Red faction and contributed 516 points. The bar below shows the progress of the player on the rewards list.

The highest reward that every player will receive by contributing 3500 points is a Razorback skin. The Red faction will receive the Razorback-Ruby.

For the ultimate grinders, there is a leaderboard they can see to track their position. People who will contribute the most for their individual factions will receive further rewards. The highest reward is a Legendary calling card, but most will care about the epic Locus-Schism sniper rifle.

There is a map that shows which faction won which area each day. Since it is just Day 2, and it shows therefore only one area as captured.

Whichever faction captures most number of areas will receive the Backpack-Serpentine as the ultimate reward.

If you have not started playing the event yet, Red faction will be the side to join. It holds a significant lead over the other and seems most likely to win the race. However, there are still 20 days left for the event to conclude, so the tables could turn just yet.

Good luck grinding out the reward fest. Watch this space for more news on Call of Duty.

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