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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Best Guns In The Game After Update

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Best Guns In The Game After Update

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare has several ranges of weapons one can choose from. Depending on the preference, these weapons are tuned to perfection. For some, working with a sniper feels natural, while for others, getting in close combats is the real deal. Whichever is your weapon of choice, you want the absolute best with them.

Weapon selection is one of the primary methods that help you succeed against others. Movement is obviously the key, but weapons need to complement that skill equally. So it ultimately boils down to the amount of damage dealt per second with every shot, the quickness with the reloads, and the patience before taking a perfect shot. 

Whether it’s an SMG or a Shotgun, specific aspects we players look for in a gun, make it better than the others. Thus your loadout has to be better than all the other choices, otherwise, the swift movement will amount to nothing. 

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare best guns to select from 

After all the latest updates, including the recent one in Season 4 Reloaded, the tweaks and buffs have changed several things. The recent update did see the emergence of a new meta. This was due to certain changes brought in the Assault Rifle sub-section. 

Players loved playing with M4A1; it was strong, easy to use, and versatile. However, with the latest update, it became a top gun, just not the best. Grau 5.56, on the other hand, had a big nerf, but it still stands tall with the M4A1. Nevertheless, this is not about nerfs or buffs; it depends on the change in usage and the current meta. M4A1 is still one of the best primaries out there.

The update also changed a lot for the Light Machine guns. The PKM seems more balanced than ever, with easier target-shift-time. While it may be an LMG, it still works best with a stipple grip tape, a compensator, and a snatch-grip. The Bruen MK9 can also fit in this category, where it doesn’t exactly feel like an LMG. It might be the best LMG out there, especially due to its DPS.

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Snipers, SMGs and DMRs

While moving to snipers, aggressive sniping vs. tactical methods makes us choose our headshot machines correctly. The AX-50 will always be one of the best. However, Kar98k is one gun that has made most of this update. The ADS speed is one of the things you want to keep in mind while choosing the setup. Naturally, one gravitates towards a sports stock with a stipple grip tape. That works as the best combination. 

The RYTEC AMR is new to the game, although it is showing its true potential. The normal scope that comes with the game is not good enough, but with a 3x, it gets much better. A slower gun, no doubt, but the consistency with damage and range seems like a great tradeoff. 

For SMGs, the MP7 defines speed while the MP5 goes for the power aspect. Both of these weapons are extremely useful. Although, with the tradeoff, it seems that MP5 has a slight edge over the MP7. 

Which of these weapons figures in your list?

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