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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Devs Announce Sad News Regarding Upcoming Season

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Devs Announce Sad News Regarding Upcoming Season

The incident resulting in George Floyd’s death has sparked outrage in the USA. As things stand, it is quite a sensitive situation. And now, gaming companies and studios are also taking it into consideration while moving forward. Activision and Infinity Ward have made a huge decision today regarding Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Wait for new season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare extended

The developers took to Twitter to announce to its community the news regarding the new season. In the wake of the nationwide protests in the USA, they are postponing the new seasons of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. Furthermore, Season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile will also be delayed.

The post made the reason quite clear.

“Right now, it’s time for those speaking up equality, justice and change to be seen and heard. We stand alongside you.”

Season 4 of Modern Warfare was all set to release on June 3, with fan-favorite character, Captain Price, as the new operator. Furthermore, Infinity Ward had also promised to release new content for Warzone.

Many were quick to laud Call of Duty developers for making the decision and taking a stand.

On the other hand, others felt it was the wrong move.

Activision follow Sony and EA

A few hours ago, Japanese tech giants, Sony, announced its decision to cancel its June 4 event. The digital event was set to reveal next-gen games for the upcoming PS5 console. However, given the ongoing situation in its biggest market, the USA, Sony opted to put it on hold. Rumors were rife that the new entry in the Call of Duty franchise was also going to be revealed at the event. From the looks of it, it will remain a mystery for the near future.

Electronic Arts is another gaming giant to have made a similar decision. It planned on giving us the first look at Madden 21 on Monday but delayed it “to drive change.”

Keep watching this space as we keep you updated regarding further developments on the same.

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