Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: DrDisrespect Unhappy with New Season

June 13, 2020 8:24 pm

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4 came out just a few days ago. Upon its arrival, players on consoles were experiencing storage issues simply because of its size. That did make several people hope that it will be full of new content. However, that was not the case. DrDisrespect, took to Twitter in disappointment, expressing his concern. 

For DrDisrespect fans, we all know if he is dissatisfied with something, he will make a huge point about it. Nevertheless, his update did not resemble the measure of his discontent. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare has been teasing Season 4 for quite some time. People were genuinely expecting something more than what has been given.

However, it might be the sheer weight of that same disappointment that induces reluctance. Perhaps the game is giving the best it can offer. DrDisrespect has always been vocal about these things. 

DrDisrespect Disappointed with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4

It is not just DrDisrespect alone who has expressed this. Several pro streamers have openly spoken about how Season 4 is quite underwhelming. Lack of content is not the issue. This update brought with it new game modes, new events, and three new maps. However, that may not suffice for fans who have been waiting patiently for too long.

Warzone players might be on the better end of it will all the new inclusions (like Fire Sale and Supply Chopper). The question remains, is Modern Warfare on a path towards its gradual end?

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Activision and Infinity Ward are trying their best, but is it enough

Lately, the game has been a party house for cheaters and hackers. No matter how hard the developers try, hackers always find a way around. This has been ruining the COD experience for a while now. Nevertheless, players were eagerly anticipating Season 4.

The disappointment and discontent expressed unanimously by the players about Season 4 raises a bigger question. Are Activision and Infinity Ward doing enough? For a game like Call Of Duty, we cannot but expect the best. We can only hope that they will find some fix for the situation, to salvage the situation.

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