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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: New Weapon Gameplay Leaked

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: New Weapon Gameplay Leaked

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare season 4 has been heavily criticized in some aspects. Several streamers complained about the elements that were added and removed from the game. However, the prevalent review of the season marks it much higher than previous seasons. For instance, there are a lot of aspects Infinity Ward and Activision improved upon. 

Even though hackers plague the game, it is still one of the world’s top multiplayer games. One of the aspects which they did improve, has to do with sniping. They are going to add a new sniper rifle to the game before season 5.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare – a new weapon

Its called the “RYTEC AMR.” A tweet from Call Of Duty – Warzone (Latest News & Updates) gave us some valuable insight into this weapon. 

This sniper rifle seems to be a coalescence of two different forms of long-ranged weapons. While snipers have to be accurate, the days of bolt-action are long past, DMR, AMR, and HDR comprise the new meta. 

“RYTEC AMR will indeed be the first downloadable content sniper rifle that is being added to season 4. We had a fair idea about the list of weapons that would be added in Season 4. Nevertheless, this one definitely tops that list. When it comes to semi-automatic sniper rifles, there are certain things we look for. Precision and damage per hits are some of the key factors. 

Besides, with the proper attachments, the main focus lies on recoil and reload time. On that front, RYTEC AMR does trump the other sniper rifles that are already in the game. However, we cannot be conclusive before it is finally available.

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Infinity Ward and Activision are making the game more range-based

What has and will always be the defining feature of Call Of Duty games is the balance between close combat and ranged fights. While close combat tests your movement skills, long-ranged battles are mostly about your sense of precision and patience. 

Some may love the gory close-combat high octane firefights, whereas others love hunting people from range. Weapons like RYTEC are going to influence people to oscillate between their natural proclivities. Even though the game has several snipers and ARs, the new ones are always going to make a difference. 

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