Call Of Duty MW Latest Patch Introduces Major Controller Aim Issue

May 18, 2020 1:17 am

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare just rolled out one of its latest patches. However, to their dismay, it revealed one of the biggest problems in the game right now. The controller’s aim is in shambles, and the fans are not at all happy about it. While most of the COD faction might be on the keyboard, the controller community is not at all negligible. 

The problem is mainly around the difference between vertical and horizontal aim-assist issue. As pointed out by World Champ, Chris (Parasite) Duarte, the controller’s aim-assist feature seems broken. This outraged the community quite a lot. Infinity Ward is yet to issue any official confirmation about this. 

Input delay is one of the other issues that popped up with this latest patch. Nevertheless, no one seems to be entirely sure of the fact whether Infinity Ward realized this problem would surface. The information first appeared on Reddit and went viral on social media. 

Call Of Duty patches are revealing flaws

The game seemed to have problems ever since season 1 ended. All the patches released afterward had one issue or the other. There have been no official announcements, but data miners are suggesting that changes have been implemented since. The information came out on May 16th, where both aim-assist and input delay was discussed. 

The Reddit discussion took a nasty turn when half the community started talking about the same problems. Now, when almost everyone complains, it becomes an essential responsibility for the developers to fix it. There was a spreadsheet that showed the specific input delay that started happening after the patch. 

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The pros and the community is unhappy with the patches

Its not just the common players, but also the pros who are essentially dissatisfied. World champ Parasite tweeted it with a video, showing the difference. However, this problem only seems to be on Modern Warfare. Call Of Duty Warzone appears to be working perfectly fine with these issues. 

Perhaps the developers did not know about these problems until people started pointing them out. It is only human on their part; however, it is their responsibility to solve the problem. We will just have to wait and watch patiently as Infinity Ward comes out with an official response.


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