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Call Of Duty MW: Melee Weapons Comparison

Call Of Duty MW: Melee Weapons Comparison

Call Of Duty MW’s Season 5 is now live and there has been a ton of updates. New maps to new guns and new areas in Multiplayer. Furthermore, in Warzone, there are new places to scout and explore, new bunkers to open, and a train to ride. In addition to that, this update added a new melee weapon: Dual Kodachi.

This is how the game describes the new addition: ‘Hand-forged carbon steel blades provide the sharpest edge possible for silently silencing through your enemies.’

To get this weapon, a player has to essentially complete a challenge. The challenge involves killing 3 enemies from behind, in 15 different matches. After you’ve managed procured it, the weapon can be used in multiplayer matches and Warzone.

In this article, we will discuss the new Kodachi in comparison to the other melees. (Combat knife, fists, weapon butt, riot shield, and Kali sticks)

Dual Kodachi vs Old Melees in MW

Damage – Up until now, the combat knife had the highest damage at 135. The next best was the Kali sticks and weapon butt, providing 90 damage each. Riot shields and fists provided a low damage of 60 and 30, respectively. The Dual Kodachi is right up there with the combat knife with 135 damage per strike. That equals to one hit in multiplayer and two hits on a heavily armored in Warzone.

Range– The Kali sticks have the highest range of 3 meters. It is now followed by the Dual Kodachi with 2.5 meters. Rest all the melee options have 1.5 meters range approximately.

Hit Delay– Hit delay refers to the time it takes for a melee to hit the next strike after the first. The fastest in this regard is the Kali sticks with 200 milliseconds of delay, and the slowest is the Riot Shield with a 1400 millisecond delay. The Kodachi has a delay of 450 milliseconds, overpowering the combat knife in this regard too, with a 50-millisecond difference.

Movement speed– The Kodachi loses out in this regard, with both combat knife and Kali Sticks. It has a 96% movement while the other two have significantly higher movement speeds at 102% and 103.5%, respectively.

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Is it a melee of preference in Call Of Duty?

Definitely one of the better melees and much more fun to use, the Dual Kodachi can be considered in MW loadouts. However, some might still consider using the combat knife for the traditional style of the weapon.

Also, an interesting observation by YouTube channel TheXclusiveAce claims that the Dual Kodachi doesn’t edge you forward to your enemy after the first strike. Both combat knife and Kali sticks bring you closer to your enemy, ensuring close-range devastating damage, especially for the two hits that are required in Warzone. So, essentially with that space between any player with a high fire rate gun, the results might not be so favorable.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSeYEG_MVNw]

Stats are there for people who care more about numbers. If you want to slash enemies ruthlessly, go ahead, complete the challenge and dive in with the Dual Kodachi.

Source- Youtube/TheXclusiveAce

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