Call of Duty Prepares to Integrate Black Ops Cold War with Modern Warfare and Warzone

November 2, 2020 4:09 pm

This year and the past one have been really busy for Activision. The publisher has come out with three Call of Duty titles in the time period. Development studio Infinity Ward came out with Modern Warfare last year and added a battle royale game called Warzone to it, earlier this year.

Activision assigned the responsibility of developing its latest addition to the franchise to Treyarch Studios. Treyarch has previously worked on Black Ops titles. Naturally, their latest project is also a Black Ops follow-up. Months ago, Activision had announced it would release another Black Ops title called ‘Cold War‘ later this year.

The launch of the Black Ops Cold War is scheduled for November 13. Treyarch and Activision have already given fans multiple opportunities to play the game before its launch. The developers even released an exclusive alpha and beta version for PS4 players. Moreover, they also launched a crossplay beta for Xbox and PC players along with the PS4 players.

After going through player feedback from all the test versions, the developers have decided that they want to bring uniformity in weapon mechanics across the three Call of Duty games that have released since last year. Not only these, but they also plan to integrate the 2021 CoD title under this plan as well.

Raven Software working to integrate Call of Duty games

Tom Henderson, CEO of the online platform Viral Junkie, recently tweeted about some interesting piece of information related to recent and upcoming Call of Duty games.

According to Tom, Raven Software, a studio that is a part of Activision, is closely working with Treyarch and Infinity Ward. The goal of the project is to integrate the weapons across all the games.

Essentially, BOCW weapons will be completely rebalanced to match Modern Warfare’s current weapons in Warzone. BOCW weapons will not have a longer TTK than Modern Warfare’s.”

The idea is to have over 100 different weapons in Warzone which will be integrated into Cold War as well as the Call of Duty title coming out in 2021. This is a positive step by Activision, as a similar weapon mechanism will make it easier for players to switch between the games.

It will be interesting to see if the developers only keep uniformity in weapon mechanics or game mechanics as a whole. However, regardless of this, players are definitely going to benefit from the move.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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