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Call of Duty Pro Accused of Cheating by Three-Time Champion Crimsix

Published 02/04/2021, 1:21 PM EST

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Call of Duty cannot stay without some drama for more than a week. Players spent the majority of 2020 asking the devs to remove SBMM from the game. Since the start of 2021, players were going heavy on Activision for not implementing an anti-cheat.

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Therefore, at any given point, the entire Call of Duty scene is always entangled with some kind of controversy. The most recent one was Vikkstar’s exit from Warzone, which apparently prompted a 60,000 ban wave on Warzone.

However, with the Call of Duty League set to begin, new controversy is building up in the competitive scene. Recently, Dallas Empire’s legend, Crimsix, accused another pro of cheating on stream. The other pro in question is Neptune of the Florida Mutineers.


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Neptune joined Florida only in January this year as a substitute player for CDL 2021.

During a scrim live stream, Crimsix and other players like TJHaly and iLLeYY all ganged up together in Neptune’s stream chat. They demanded he pull up the settings and show them live on the stream.

Crimsix’s accusation entails that Neptune was keeping ATS turned on in his settings. ATS, or auto-tactical sprint, is a setting that is not allowed in competitive CoD. ATS lets players slide-cancel with more ease, and the transition is smoother while hopping out of it.

While this may not seem like an enormous deal, in a competitive scenario, a player using ATS has an undue advantage. Scrims and tourneys do not allow ATS as a part of GAs. Gentlemen’s Agreement (GA) are rules that players impose on themselves in tourneys and agree not to break. It can be anything, starting from canceling a particular weapon to limiting the amount of tactical equipment.

Neptune did not end up showing his settings, making the situation even more suspicious. However, Crimsix conducting a witch hunt for ATS is highly hypocritical.

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Crimsix was a meme for using ATS in Call of Duty

Just around mid 2020, CDL pros accused Crimsix for breaking a GA. Crimsix confessed he was using ATS, and that it was “experimental.” His confession only came after quite a bit of coercion. He tried keeping it down, but ultimately gave up his trick. He was using it during a scrim and therefore did not face disqualification from his team. Crimsix went on to win the tournament.


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Trolls did not take long to make memes out of the issue.


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Live Footage of Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter using ATS from CoDCompetitive


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Only a few months later, the world champion is ganging up on a 18-year-old newcomer. If Neptune did use ATS, it was wrong of him, but all Crimsix should care about is that it does not happen during the tournament. Other than that, it just looks like Crimsix is holding on to a grudge for making the same mistake.

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