Call of Duty Pro Calls CDL Out for Making Players Sign a ‘Take It or Leave It’ Contract

November 16, 2020 6:12 pm

The Call of Duty League has always been one of the most exciting competitions for the fans. Over the years, it has grown in terms of popularity, prize-pool, and intensity as well. Unfortunately, the 2020 season of the CDL couldn’t host physical events because of the global pandemic; however, it was highly successful. Interestingly, COD Pro Scump has called the league out for arm-twisting the players into signing the contracts.

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In a post on Twitter, Scump made his voice heard loud and clear against the alleged malpractices of the CDL. He said “The CDL also made us sign a player “contract” in front of them without allowing us to run it by our lawyers at the player summit. It was a “sign it now or you can’t play at Minnesota” type exchange. I’m probably gonna get fined for this too just letting y’all know”

If this is true, then the CDL can be under heavy fire for its decisions. The players are already bound by the contract of their own orgs. Consequently, they need to know what they are getting into before signing any other contract. Not letting them consult their lawyers is clearly not okay.

Streamers and pros shocked after seeing Call of Duty Pro Scump’s tweet

A lot of the creators and community members were surprised by this as they voice their support for Scump.


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Interestingly, this is not the first time that CDL has been under for doing something the community or the pros don’t agree with. CDL announced a ton of changes for the 2020 season which directly affected the pros and the league as a whole. The most notable change was the introduction of substitutes in the league. Each team had the option to have substitute players on their roster. Although, there were a lot of discrepancies regarding the substitutes being allowed to play at the main events and Challengers. COD Pro Censor also spoke up against this where he mentioned how the whole substitute system was broken.

If this wasn’t enough, the 2021 CDL season also has some changes which were maybe unnecessary. The 2020 season was a 5v5 format whereas the 2021 season will go back to the original 4v4 format. This meant that a lot of players would be dropped from the rosters and it is clearly bad news for pros. Additionally, the CDL parted ways with PlayStation and will now be held on PC. This is yet another change that the players will have to adapt to and will definitely be the centre of the debate.

The CDL has already established itself as one of the biggest esports competitions in the world. They really need to get their house in order if they want to keep that reputation for years to come.

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