Call of Duty Pro Scump Thinks League Play Is Extremely Random

February 22, 2021 9:09 pm

Earlier this month, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War introduced League Play to the game. The game released in November and after almost three months, Treyarch has a competitive mode for its players. Since Modern Warfare 2019 had nothing players could call competitive except SBMM, this change was necessary.

League Play basically divides players through 30 different competitive ranks, the highest being Master. To achieve a rank, players need to play five placements matches, after which the game will place them in a random rank. It is unknown what is the design of criteria for this placement judgement.

During a heczTV podcast, CoD legends Scump and FormaL spoke openly about their thoughts on League Play. Even they were surprised that Activision and Treyarch came up with something so random in a competitive scenario. While individual performance matters in the placement rank, overall wins and losses affect it as well. If a player carries his entire team and loses the match, it hardly serves any purpose in identifying his/her actual rank. Scump has a similar idea about the entire system.

This one just randomly throws with anybody, like you can play anybody and you can have anybody in your team.

This current system is exactly the same as Black Ops 4, and even then it was highly criticized by players and critics alike. FormaL thinks Covid-19 and the lockdown might have played a crucial role in the incapability of the devs to provide an entirely revamped ranked system.

“They could have also tried to make something happen in November. But then they were like ‘S***, we gotta get this thing out,’ and so they copy-pasted it.”

Watch the podcast below.

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How can Activision make League Play better for Call of Duty?

Since Activision owns all the CoD making studios, there should be little conflict to make a great game in 2021. A majority of players appreciate the earlier ranked systems by Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch.

The only question everybody has is why cannot Activision use the best from each studio to design a perfectly functional game. Well, there might be legal and patents conflicts, but surely if the devs decide to work together, Activision can give its CoD fans a great journey to ride on for 12 months.

The 12 month game cycle might be very profitable for the billion dollar video game merchant, but it can backfire.

Here’s hoping that the remaining months of BOCW do not face the humiliation of Modern Warfare 2019. But currently from the looks of it, it is in a worse state than any previous CoD title and like every time Activision seems to be lost.

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