Call of Duty: Pros Not Happy with Modern Warfare

Published 06/10/2020, 11:22 AM EDT

Several pro players have been very vocal in expressing their displeasure with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Recently, Seth “Scump” Abner had posted a video on youtube, calling MW the worst Call of Duty title ever. Many other pros share the same sentiment, and Temp and Censor are the latest additions to that roster.


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Don’t hate the player, hate the game son


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Icons like Aqua and Karma have explicitly expressed how they’re absolutely done with Modern Warfare. Karma recently retired from the Call of Duty League and he tweeted that he had been losing motivation to play Call of Duty over several titles now, and Modern Warfare was a major mention.

Aqua, in a recent tweet, urged pros to sit back and NOT play the game, and for good reason. 

Their disgust with the game seems legitimate because, apparently, they’re facing issues not only in the game but also in the League. 

Temp and Censor at it again

Donovan “Temp” Laroda has joined the roster of players bashing Modern Warfare. He recently posted a tweet showing his disgust and anger because pro players are not playing the game.

Doug “Censor” Martin replied to that saying “Now you know how I felt for MONTHS”. To which Temp said, “what lmao ppl are just not on the game rn u just werent getting picked completely different”.

Here’s some context for you guys. Temp and Censor are both on the roster of New York Subliners, but Censor is a substitute player.  

Now we all know that Temp and Censor have a bit of a history with each other. They have been endlessly trash-talking each other since forever. Who can forget that moment back in March when Temp called Censor “Trash”, and Censor asked him to, well, “Get the fu@! outta here.” 

Sage Skrapz

Royal Ravens player Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall managed to maintain a balance by ranting on Twitter about this entire Modern Warfare thing on one hand, 

and then posting a healthy message, saying

“That’s my rant for the day, bigger sh*t going on in the world. Make sure you’re doing your part and helping our black brothers and sisters.”


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How are devs responding

The complaints regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare just keep mounting. A lot of pro players are jumping ship due to a lack of meta changes and numerous other issues. This, in turn, is affecting the League heavily, which is already online and no fixes seem to be made.


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If not fixed, this can heavily affect the future of Call of Duty League in the longer run. Well, all we can do now is hope for a better season next year and for some fixes.

Will it get better? Will it get worse? What do you think?

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