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Call of Duty Teams to Be Slapped With Ban for Not Complying With the Rules

Call of Duty Teams to Be Slapped With Ban for Not Complying With the Rules

Call of Duty team Florida Mutineers and Dallas Empire

Call of Duty eSports teams Florida Mutineers and Dallas Empire have reportedly refused to be part of a Gentleman’s Agreement which would ban the following 3 in-game mechanics – Merc Foregrip, Auto Tactical Sprint and snaking.

The two teams were informed of the proposed GAs, and refused to abide by the Auto Tac Sprint GA. Banning snaking and the Merc Foregrip did not see as much resistance. The GA is a welcome one amongst most professional Warzone players, and many have stated that these GAs should’ve been implemented long ago.

The Merc Foregrip reduced vertical recoil more than any other grip throughout the board for all guns. It is estimated that it reduces vertical recoil at about 5-10%, and improves accuracy overall. Snaking as a tactic had been frowned upon since Call of Duty WW2, and will definitely not be missed by any of the pro teams. 

ATS, however, was the subject of some discussion, with aBeZy of Faze speaking out against being accused of using the mechanic during games. He defended himself when a Twitter user accused him of using it regularly.

Call of Duty League to blacklist Florida Mutineers and Dallas Empire?

The 2 teams that have refused pay heed to the GAs may be put into a blacklist. This would prevent them from competing professionally until they acknowledge the bans. Allowing them to continue without complying with the GAs would make their competitive games unbalanced. This is because the Merc Foregrip provides a slight increase in accuracy. This slight increase may be immaterial to casual players but may tip the scales in favor of the team using it if allowed. 

Clayster from Dallas Empire took to twitter to explain his take in the GA.

Few hours after the initial GA proposal, the bans on ATS, snaking and Merc Foregrips in competitive play were presumably confirmed.

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