Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Remove Weapon After Adding it Accidentally

December 27, 2020 10:52 pm

Ever since the release of Season One, Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War players have had a ton of content to unlock and explore. As per the season’s roadmap, the Streetsweeper Shotgun would have appeared in the game during mid-season. However, the weapon was recently available through a hidden challenge in Warzone.

The challenge required players to compete in Warzone with a shotgun from the Black Ops Cold War arsenal. Furthermore, they had to maintain a three-kill streak across fifteen different matches to unlock the hidden Streetsweeper. Owing to the synchronization of Modern Warfare and Warzone with the latest title, players could also use the weapon in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

Even though a lot of players completed the challenge, a recent patch removed the gun from the inventory. Apparently, the developers had accidentally included the weapon in the games, and players will have to wait a little longer for an official release.

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Ryan B., on Twitter, informed the fans regarding the removal of Streetsweeper, Wakizashi, & Sledgehammer weapons:

Interestingly, some players discovered that the weapons stay if they were equipped in a load out.

Call of Duty creators went on a rampage with the Streetsweeper

As expected, content creators and pros were quick to exploit the glitch. With the highest fire rate and ammo pool in its class, the fully automatic Streetsweeper Shotgun certainly stands for its name. With the right attachments, big names like Nickmercs comfortably dominated the lobbies.

As for now, you can note down the following load out and use it as soon as the gun drops again:

  • Duckbill Choke
  • 14.4” Task Force
  • SWAT 5mw Laser SIght
  • No Stock
  • STANNAG 18 Rnd

It is safe to assume that the ones who had unlocked the Streetweeper Shotgun will have to re-do the challenges to acquire the gun when it returns. This news will largely disappoint the faction of players who even started camo progression on the weapon.

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The debut season for Black Ops Cold War has already dropped two DLC weapons for the players, hence, the Streetweeper will most probably release in January.

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