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Call of Duty Warzone- Calls for Activision to Invest in Better Anti-Cheat Grow

Call of Duty Warzone- Calls for Activision to Invest in Better Anti-Cheat Grow

The problem of cheating in Call of Duty Warzone has plagued the community. What’s even worse is that Activision is doing a poor job of keeping the cheaters away. Players are openly hacking even while streaming on Twitch, and they seem invincible. However, CoD professional Tommey has begun a crusade to eliminate every hacker he can find. He records hackers in the game and reports them to Activision.

Tommey has had a knack for getting hackers banned and one can say he is better than the anti-cheat Warzone currently has. He has expressed his hate towards cheaters on a public forum through a tweet online.

Tommey catches another Call of Duty Warzone cheater live on stream

Tommey reached out to his fans through Twitter once again to inform them of a cheater he caught. Apparently, the cheater had used racial slurs in addition to cheating online while streaming on Twitch. Tommey reported the user, who was later banned by Twitch.

He refused to reveal the details of the user to prevent unruly players from crossing their limits. While making the announcement Tommey said, “I don’t want to post his user on here as I know some people go too far with it but our job here is done.

Jake Lucky from Esports Talk contacted Tommey to verify the news. Tommey gave him the player’s tag. He said that while the player did look suspicious, he couldn’t really confirm whether the player was cheating. Therefore, he thinks that Twitch banned the player for using racial slurs instead of cheating.

Nickmercs asks Activision to invest in an anti-cheat

After confirming the ban, Tommey took a dig at Activision’s anti-cheat. He mockingly highlighted how he was catching the cheaters more efficiently than the game itself.

You know what’s funny? I’m sat here taking a filthy dump and I caught this guy within five minutes.”

He added that he wishes Cold War has a better anti-cheat than Warzone.

Another pro player and streamer who’s frustrated with cheaters is none other than Nickmercs. He has had a few run-ins with cheaters, both while streaming and also while playing tournaments. His frustration has reached to a point where he tagged Activision while tweeting about them investing in an anti-cheat for Call of Duty Warzone.

He also warned the developers that if they don’t employ a better anti-cheat, they might start losing players soon.

While Activision has been putting in efforts to ban cheaters, it just hasn’t been enough. Identifying cheating softwares and mass banning might be a good solution, however it’s not happening enough.

Should players continue to lose games to cheaters, surely they will move on to a more secure game. Gaming is all about the experience and if Activision can’t ensure a good one, or even one without such frustration, it will go into a downward spiral.

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