Call of Duty Warzone Gets a Third Ban Wave In the Same Month

February 23, 2021 8:12 pm

Call of Duty Warzone issued yet another ban wave yesterday, according to a post on Raven Software’s Twitter handle. This is the third ban wave that Activision and Raven have collectively issued for Warzone in a month.

The first one came in the starting week of this month, where Raven Software deleted 60,000 profiles at one go. On February 10, it issued another ban wave and promised that more were to come. Yesterday’s ban wave was a reply to that promise, and Raven tweeted the news in a similar manner.

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Are ban waves really helping Call of Duty Warzone?

This is obviously very thrilling for the players, as Warzone used to have cheaters in almost every lobby. The situation got so dire for the free-to-play Battle Royale that pros and influencers alike started leaving the game. The first ban wave happened suspiciously close to the exit of Vikkstar from the game. The popular streamer lost to a hacker and streamed the hacker’s gameplay live on his stream. After that, he announced his exit from the game.

Almost a month after that event, Raven has successfully carried out three ban waves. This shows how desperate Call of Duty devs can get to protect the game, but only after something terrible has happened. However, Activision has still not put in place a working anti-cheat system. These manual bans are a lot more time-consuming than having an anti-cheat do the job while the game is on.

Despite the repeated ban waves, there is no proof of decreasing hackers in the game. These miscreants can just create another ID before dropping into Verdansk with the same hacks. Therefore, without a working anti-cheat, the player’s experience in Warzone does not change.

Here’s hoping Activision and Raven Software will have more updates on a working anti-cheat that they said were looking into sometime ago.

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Avhinandan Chakraborty

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