Call of Duty Warzone: Human Anti-Cheat 100T Tommey Strikes Again

January 21, 2021 8:13 pm

Every cheater in Call of Duty Warzone fears one person more than any anti-cheat ever. 100T Tommey has single-handedly exposed a lot of dishonest streamers and pro Warzone players. His efforts have led to most of these players getting short suspensions on Twitch. Moreover, tournament organizers have also often removed the players Tommey has accused with his incriminating evidence.

Tommey is the first Call of Duty Warzone player representing 100 Thieves. As much as his in-game talent defines him, it is his off the field efforts in Warzone that make fans love him more. The Call of Duty pro has done a much better job at exposing cheaters than Activision itself. While exposing these cheaters, he also discourages fans from getting toxic with the players he exposes.

As his latest achievement, he has once again exposed a steamer who had been cheating in Call of Duty Warzone. Pacesetter is a popular Warzone streamer who also competes in tournaments. Tommey noticed some shady events in his recent tournaments, which forced him to dig for more incriminating evidence.

100T Tommey exposes Call of Duty Warzone pro Pacesetter after he cheats live on stream

Pacesetter recently participated in a Warzone tournament while he was live streaming. Tommey entered his Twitch chat after he noticed some suspicious activity from the streamer’s end. When Pace couldn’t clarify Tommey’s doubts, it was time the human anti-cheat dug deeper.

Upon going through some clips, Tommey noticed how Pace always knew where the enemies were. Even though Pace acted like he was regularly checking the heartbeat sensor, he never properly checked the gadget. Moreover, while the sensor displays a general location of enemies, Pace never really followed it. Instead, he went in other directions as he knew exactly where the enemies were.

The admins in charge of the tournament Pace was participating in asked him to run a program to verify if he was cheating. At this very moment, the streamer went AFK for almost 2 hours, claiming he was on a call with his father. This made things much more complicated for Pace as it only made people suspicious.

Once again, without an official anti-cheat, it is tough to verify if Pace was actually cheating. However, given Tommey’s knack of exposing cheaters, one can take his word when he accuses Pace. Esports Talk combined all the clips from Pace’s stream that Tommey refers to. Moreover, the YouTube channel also included clips from Tommey’s stream where he explains how he knows Pace was cheating.

At this point in time, the lack of an anti-cheat in Call of Duty Warzone is just absurd. With so many incidents of cheating, the experience of Warzone players is constantly being ruined.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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