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Call of Duty: Warzone May Finally Get Nightfall Mode

Call of Duty: Warzone May Finally Get Nightfall Mode

Aesthetics form an important component of gaming. Hence, players often modes that increase the beauty of games. One of the most commonly made demands in battle royale games in the introduction of the night mode. Similarly, Call of Duty: Warzone fans have been asking for a night mode in the game for a while.

Season 5 of the game released a while ago. Additionally, there are rumors about Season 6 being just around the corner. ModernWarzone, a Twitter account behind Call of Duty leaks posted a recent finding through the data mined files of season 5.

The tweet displayed a leaked image of Verdansk, a popular map in Warzone. The map featured the rumored Nightfall or Night mode from the leaked files.  However, while the account confirmed the existence of such a mode in the files, they couldn’t verify the legitimacy of the image.

Call of Duty: Warzone Nightfall a Possibility?

In a later tweet, the account soon confirmed that the image was an old concept that was circulated on Reddit a while ago.

The account also posted a few more concept images sent to them by other users.

While this is still just a concept, the nightfall mode is something fans would love to see in the upcoming season. The mode could make the game interesting with its dim lighting. It would further make enemies hard to spot while also providing a calm and soothing background to the gameplay. The game mode would encourage stealthy plays and close-range fights over long-range combat.

These are going to be an exciting few weeks for Warzone fans. Season 6 will be arriving on September 29. This was accidentally revealed by the Call of Duty League franchise Minnesota ROKKR in one of their announcements.  This could mean a host of fresh leaks for the fans. Additionally, there might also be official news from the developers, and one of these could even be about the Zombies mode.

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