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Call Of Duty Warzone: New Game Modes Reportedly Leaked

Call Of Duty Warzone: New Game Modes Reportedly Leaked

Call Of Duty Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update brought a ton of bug fixes with it. These were absolutely necessary considering the game was riddled with bugs and players were very unhappy. It also introduced a completely new game mode and a new weapon that seems too overpowered already. But apart from the official updates, we have a few leaks that will get you excited.

Popular insider ‘Modern Warzone’ tweeted this amazing bit of news for us which is incredible. “Upcoming leaked #Warzone game modes: Pandemic/Outbreak,  Armored Cargo/Truck Wars, Plunder: Fire Sale, Zombie Royale”

Wait, does this confirm that a Zombie mode is indeed coming our way. Previous leaks have suggested that Zombies will make a comeback with the Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War title.  But, this will be released at a later date and not with the game. And if this leak is correct, then we will have a Zombies multiplayer and a BR mode.

Black Ops Cold War map coming to Call Of Duty Warzone?

We already know that Warzone will be a part of the COD Black Ops Cold War title. The new game will no feature a separate BR game. But, it will possibly have its own map inside Warzone. Popular insider ‘The Gaming Revolution’ tweeted in response to a fan asking about the new map. “It’s a new map, the one Xclusive Ace leaked a while ago. Verdansk was destroyed during the Cold War and rebuilt after it. The bunkers and Gulag will be the only thing that’s the same.”

This makes it even more exciting. Considering his accuracy with the leaks, this is very much possible. And this is great news for the fans. A new COD title and a new map in the BR game, what more could you possibly want?

There is some other piece of info he shared that you can take a look at below.

So, tomorrow we only get to see the trailer and nothing more. There may even be some parts of the multiplayer mode coming to the game but that still remains to be confirmed. In any case, this is still pretty exciting and the reveal tomorrow will surely be one to look out for. The time for the event is 10:30 AM PT and it is time to get your squad ready and drop into Verdansk.

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