Call of Duty Warzone Nuke Event Finally Coming With Black Ops Cold War Season 2?

February 22, 2021 5:21 pm

Rumors of a nuke event in Call of Duty Warzone have been floating around for a long time. The community has been expecting a major in-game event that would blow Verdansk away and mark the arrival of a new map.

Following months of anticipation, players lost hope when Captain Price disarmed the nuke in bunker 10 in Verdansk. However, data miners suggest that the upcoming updates in the game will eventually lead to a nuke event.

Zombies outbreak in Call of Duty Warzone

With the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 2 on February 25, a Zombies outbreak event will also begin in Warzone. It will end on March 11, and many believe it be the day when Verdansk finally gets nuked. A ship named Vodianoy is gradually approaching the map, and will soon reach the shores along with zombies.

Apparently, the ship contains Dark Ether owing to which everyone on board has now become a zombie.

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Furthermore, a lot of players have reported random glitch effects happening in Warzone. They are accompanied by a radio message in Russian that talks about an uncontrollable infection outbreak.

TheGamingRevolution, in a recent video, talked about the Zombies event:

Interestingly, the remaining nuke bunkers in Verdansk are opening up yet again. As per TheGamingRevolution, players will have to nuke the entire map to get rid of the Zombies on March 11.

Now that Black Ops Cold War and Warzone have interconnected storylines, a nuke event following a zombies outbreak makes more sense than ever.

Ural Mountains might replace Verdansk on March 11

Ever since the release of Call of Duty Warzone, players have only faced each other on Verdansk and Rebirth Island. In contrast to that, Apex Legends offers three maps to its players while Fortnite introduces map changes with every new season. Naturally, Warzone patrons now expect Infinity Ward to release a new battleground too.

The new Warzone map will most probably be based on the Ural Mountains in Russia, and will comprise all the Fireteam mode maps from Black Ops Cold War. Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we witness POIs like Alpine, Golova, Ruka, and Sanatorium in Warzone.

As for Verdansk, it might undergo some noticeable changes and transform into a post-apocalypse land.

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