Call of Duty Warzone Progression Gets An Update for the Cold War Era

November 9, 2020 10:47 pm

Activision has disclosed some more information about the future of Warzone. With Treyarch releasing Black Ops Cold War soon, the fate of Call of Duty Warzone was hanging in the balance. Reports had earlier confirmed that Cold War will get its own Battle Pass. Hence, free-to-play Warzone users have been unsure of what to expect now that Treyarch will take over this month.

Activision has confirmed that all the three titles of Call of Duty will now be in sync. This means that the progression a player has earned in Warzone will be retained in Cold War. Even with the new maps or modes, progression earned by grinding all this while will not go to waste. That will be an enormous sigh of relief for many.

In addition, the Battle Pass will be synced for all three titles. Players can earn progression by playing any of the titles. All these changes will come into effect from December 10.

Have a look at how everything will kick off in Cold War, which will mark the next era of Call of Duty.

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Rank progression and Prestige system in Call of Duty Cold War

Activision has officially stated that the progression for Modern Warfare and Cold War will collide.

“Worlds have collided! For the first time in Call of Duty history, Season One brings universal and synchronized player progression that works between Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone! 

“Black Ops Cold War progression builds on a familiar and similar path to Modern Warfare while incorporating an innovative Prestige system, giving you more challenges and earnable content.”

Further to that, the prestige system as previously leaked is now a reality.

“Your seasonal Officer Progression is now known as Season Levels, which incorporates a Seasonal Prestige leveling system. These are fully synchronized between all three games.”

The progression ranks will however reset with the start of Season One in Cold War. This will just reset the ‘military ranks’. All rewards earned previously will stay in the inventory.

For more information about progression across generations, click here. Watch this space for more news on Call of Duty.

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