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Call of Duty Warzone: Redditor Makes Alarming Hacker Issue

Call of Duty Warzone: Redditor Makes Alarming Hacker Issue

Coming across cheaters and hackers in Call of Duty: Warzone has been a common occurrence ever since the game dropped this year. Those few who still respect the competitive integrity of the game and employ actual skills in their gameplay have been facing this problem since forever. Despite numerous complaints from players and attempts by Infinity Ward to cut down on the cheaters, there does not seem to be an improvement in the situation.

Courtesy of a Reddit user u/Questioned_Kadavr, we now have some insight into how easily the cheats for Warzone are available and the extent of cheating that is prevalent in the game. The mentioned Reddit user did mention in all seriousness that he used the cheats for research purposes only and even set some ground rules for his squad.

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Call of Duty Warzone cheats are available online for $12/day

So this Reddit user and his friends looked up online and found a website that offered Warzone cheats for $12/day. That is how easily available the cheats have become. This squad set some ground rules for themselves so that they don’t exploit the advantages. Ground rules like not using aimbots, killing themselves before the match ends, etc.

How $12 and 10 minutes has ruined Warzone from CODWarzone

What they found was that the game is literally crawling with cheaters and hackers. According to the data they collected, almost every squad had at least one player using some hack or the other. And it was not just for the high-end lobbies or the lower end ones. Also, by the end of circle four, 80% of the remaining squads have a hacker in almost every match.

As for the extent of advantage these cheats grant the player, here is a list (excluding the obvious ones like aimbots and wallhacks):

  • whether the player is crouching
  • whether the player is using ADS
  • the direction the players are facing
  • the exact distance from them
  • their name
  • there is an indicator that lets the hacker know if the player is looking at them

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Compromising competitive integrity and ruining the game for everybody

Not to be biased here, but it seems like the devs have been pretty lenient with hackers/cheaters in the game. Well, that is already obvious given the population of cheaters in the game. As a result, Call of Duty: Warzone is rapidly losing its player base. The game had a very promising premise and brought a lot of new features to the table.

With new updates, the game is getting even more interesting. But due to loose anti-cheat policies and measures, a section of players are ruining it for the others. A lot of players had suggested that Infinity Ward should have more strict anti-cheat policies as Valve does. The devs are still trying to fight the issue, but have been missing the mark.

What do you think will help Warzone fight against this “infection”?

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