Call of Duty Warzone: SBMM Website Creates Chaos for Professional Players

January 11, 2021 3:56 pm

In the last few days, players have discovered the biggest Call of Duty Warzone exploit that helps players avoid SBMM. As the issue unfolds, players worldwide are calling this probably one of the biggest gaming scandals yet. At the center of this issue are the professional Warzone players.

As soon as fans discovered the sbmmwarzone website, their first instinct was to assume that most pro players have been using it to their benefit. This resulted in a lot of accusations going around online about players cheating in tournaments. Although no one has been able to prove even a single one of these accusations, it is still the worst time to be a pro Warzone player.

HusKerrs, a content creator for NRG, recently pointed out in a tweet how fans are harassing pros and streamers. All over Twitter and in the stream chats, there are accusations flying around.

SBMM website is probably the worst thing that happened to Call of Duty Warzone

Professional players have come to conclude that the website is the worst thing that has happened to Warzone. They dread the creation of the website due to all the accusations they have to face, even if they are innocent. However, the biggest issue that the website highlights is Warzone’s matchmaking system.

Squads with high K/Ds are getting multiple bronze or silver lobbies back to back. Therefore, even if they aren’t using any exploits, the Warzone matchmaking is leading into believing they are.

Therefore, many pro players believe that even after they bring about transparency in Call of Duty Warzone tournaments, it is not going to help solve the problem. The website has sowed doubt into the fans’ minds, which is now very hard to eliminate.

Regardless of the pros and cons of the website, it is still evil for the Warzone community as a whole. Not only has it destroyed the spirit of the community but also made fans question their favorite players and streamers. It is upsetting to see all the hate and abuse during the streams and hopefully, someday, players can move beyond this.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

Shwetang Parthsarthy is an Esports author at EssentiallySports. His love for arguments and games has led him down two paths: being a law student at NUALS, Kochi, and writing about the world of gaming since 2017. What started as a teenage hobby in the relatively small mobile gaming world has grown into a professional pursuit with ES.

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