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Call of Duty Warzone: Shroud Talks About PC Vs Controllers

Call of Duty Warzone: Shroud Talks About PC Vs Controllers

The heated debate between controller users and keyboard and mouse (KBM) users has no end. KBM users believe the aim-assist on controllers gives its users an unfair advantage, and that has largely been true. Shroud was streaming Call of Duty: Warzone recently and an incident during the game made him speak out on the much-debated issue.

Shroud on different users in Call of Duty Warzone

While streaming Warzone, a controller player easily killed Shroud. He had just landed before he knew it, he was being shot.

He’s not very good. It’s just the game, that’s what happened. That was the controller dude.”

Pistols on a controller give its users the high ground. Aiming and shooting are much easier thanks to the aim-assist. KBM users, on the other hand, have to be precise and sharp with their movement to land the shots perfectly.

Shroud had a similar opinion of it.

“For real though, using a pistol like people do on the controller is insane. It’s so easy on the controller. And it’s so hard to pistol on the PC, like so hard. That only applies to pistol though.”

Shroud, being the sport that he is, also admitted that sniping is much easier on KBM than on controllers. However, when you consider the scenario with close gunfights, controllers can easily own the game.

“So, PC sniping’s easier. Pistol, console’s easier. Everything in between is pretty well balanced for the most part. But man, it’s hard using pistols and in really close gunfights, controller wins. If you put it too close you know it’s not gonna work.

Not the sole issue with the game

Shroud isn’t a big fan of the debate, though. Moving on from it, he called the CoD servers out but admitted that the devs weren’t really to blame for it.

Many in the community have been criticizing the game’s size and servers. Hosting a game with 150 players would take a toll on any server, but Activision might have to figure out a way to keep the community’s interests in absolute balance.

“Having the controller was PC in whatever the f*** argument in this game just doesn’t matter because its f***** COD bro. We’re running on dog s*** servers, no offense to COD, I understand having 150 people and this size of a map is very hard. So, it’s not their fault. It is what it is.”

As for the controller vs KBM debate, there is clearly no end to it. What are your thoughts on the issue? Let us know in the comments.

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