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Call Of Duty Warzone: Tips To Survive At The Train Station and Freight Train

Call Of Duty Warzone: Tips To Survive At The Train Station and Freight Train

The Season 5 of Call Of Duty Warzone brought lots of new additions to the game. It now has a loot-filled freight train running through the map and the Stadium is also open. But the one thing you might’ve missed is that there are a lot of changes to the Train Station.

Even though the station is a two-storied building, only the ground level was accessible in the previous season. But the new season has opened up a ton of new avenues in the station and it is now a hot drop location. Let’s take a look at what’s different there.

Source: Activision Blog

Changes made to the train Station In Call Of duty Warzone

The Info Booth is now accessible on the ground floor from the east or west. These can be used to take cover from enemy fire. The second floor is also now accessible. The ground floor is unevenly divided by a staircase and has a skylight roof for players to drop inside the station directly. The walkway on the east of the station is also opened up. It is a little bit easier to access the roof through the Ascenders that are now available on all four sides of the building.

Source: Activision Blog

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The entire station is basically a great combat zone now with lots of loot available. With all these changes made, including a freight train running around the map, you will have to rethink your strategy. Activision has made life easier for us as they have given us a few tips to make complete use of the freight train and the Train Station in Verdansk. Take a look:

Tips for surviving at the Train Station in Call Of Duty Warzone

  1. Since it is now a hot drop location, expect a lot of company. There will be many contract opportunities and lots of loot inside the building too.
  2. The central staircase area is accessible through the roof as well. If you jump on the roof, you will be able to see multiple floors and the combat there will be intense. You do not want to stay there for too long.
  3. Checking corners here is extremely crucial. Especially on the second floor in the Burger Town area. Make full use of your reconnaissance tools here.
  4. The east walkway is a good route to take cover and move out of the main building, towards the train tracks.

Get used to dropping in the Train Station, use these tips to your advantage and ensure your survival. The official blog also suggests tips to survive on the freight train. Take a look at them below:

Seriously – Mind the Gap

Again, even the most veteran Operators could have their legendary Warzone run foiled by this behemoth. Always look both ways before crossing the tracks, and be careful when boarding or exiting the train via mantling or parachute.

The Train Stops for No Man… Or Gas

With the above tip in mind, the train track’s location, it is entirely possible for the Freight Train to roll right into the gas without any care for its passengers. Therefore, it’s wise to abandon ship… er, train… if it’s next stop is for inevitable doom.

Full Steam Ahead

Need to make up serious ground across the map and don’t have a vehicle? Consider hopping on the train and using it to get into the safe zone faster than going by foot. Just be mindful of other passengers… Usually, they aren’t friendly, and will often be in CQB fighting distance

Tunnel Ambushes

While riding the train, be on the lookout for ambushes that can easily be set up inside tunnels or over them. If you have one, a Trophy System could intercept incoming explosive equipment and projectiles, while a Deployable Shield can act as additional cover on the flatcars.

So there you have it. Understand the area, use cover and corners to your advantage and stay frosty!

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