This Call of Duty Warzone Weapon Was Secretly Nerfed, Community Believes

December 22, 2020 1:33 am

Since Call of Duty Warzone became a common ground for both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, the Battle Royale is under constant scrutiny. However, it seems like the community missed a weapons update because the devs denied the players any information on it.

The Season 1 nerfs and buffs update had a lot to say about several weapons in the game. The update added 30 new weapons from the new Black Ops version after the integration. Players usually fashion their loadouts, taking the patch notes into consideration.

However, there is no mention of a nerf to the R9 shotgun in the latest patch notes for Warzone. The shotgun is a powerful one, and with the Dragon’s Breath ammunition rounds, its range and fire damage increases exponentially. For this reason alone, many had called for the R9 to be nerfed previously.

Raven Software’s creative director, Amos Hodge, made a surprise tweet that claimed devs had indeed nerfed the weapon, but it was not mentioned in the patch notes. However, he deleted this tweet soon after. Thankfully, @ModernWarzone took a screenshot of the tweet and posted it later on his wall.

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Will this secret nerf affect the Call of Duty Warzone meta?

As Amos Hodge deleted the tweet, many could not decide if the news was genuine. But considering the source, it seems like the shotgun might have actually been nerfed secretly. Until the next patch notes come out and more light is shed on this issue, no confirmation is possible.

This shotgun is a dedicated member of the Warzone meta because of its overpowered performance in all ranges. Meanwhile, other new guns are also getting added to the meta list of the fresh new Warzone.

Season 1 has just started and there will be a continuous back and forth among players when deciding a weapon from both the franchises. Until the devs heavily transgress the current meta, Warzone regulars will probably not change their stable loadouts from MW.

Players who have played Black Ops Cold War might have a different opinion though. The Mac-10 and the M-16 are perhaps the most notorious ones currently in Verdansk, from the Treyarch franchise.

As for the R9, its fate lies in the balance for the time being. More speculations on the weapon will be possible once players try it out to see if the nerfs indeed happened. Frankly, it should not take too much time to realize if a weapon is still any good, inside a high K/D SBMM lobby in Verdansk.

Avhinandan Chakraborty

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