Call of Duty: Warzone Zombies to Feature a Full Easter Egg for Black Ops Cold War

October 15, 2020 7:03 pm

Black Ops Cold War Zombies first look trailer had a huge Easter Egg for the fans. The opening sequence of the trailer displayed a character entering a phone booth. Thereafter, she dials a number into the keypad that spells out ‘MAXIS’. The reference was to a popular Zombies mode character ‘Samantha Maxis’. The Easter Egg hinted towards the arrival of Sam in the Cold War Zombies mode. However, in a recent tweet, ‘TheGamingRevolution confirmed that Call of Duty: Warzone is going to have a full-blown Easter Egg in its Zombies mode, relating to the Cold War storyline.

Sam is in control of the Zombies in Call of Duty: Warzone

The insider tweeted, “Can confirm: Sam is in control of the zombies in Warzone so that must be her heard on the map.” 

He is referring to the voices and laughs heard in the map’s background. A lot of users replied to his tweet claiming that the voice is nothing like that of Samantha. However, TheGamingRevolution confirmed that they have official proof regarding the same.

The question that now arises is, ‘Is the inclusion of Sam in Warzone in any manner connected to the Zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War?’

While the user couldn’t confirm any connection to the storyline, he did say that Warzone will have a full Easter Egg for Cold War Zombies. He said this in a response to another user asking whether the Zombies in Warzone is a canon or a fun side mode.

All of this has the fans very confused at this point. They cannot connect what is in front of them and everything they are reading on the internet. However, as long as these leaks keep piling up, they are constantly building hype for the Cold War Zombies launch.

The Zombies open beta will also launch in a few days. Although it is unclear to what extent will the beta reveal the storyline of the game, it will surely have a lot in store for fans.

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