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Call Of Duty Warzone’s Gun Glitch Turns Players into Boxes

Call Of Duty Warzone’s Gun Glitch Turns Players into Boxes

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Call Of Duty Warzone rolled out their biggest update of late on August 5th. In addition to the new patch has come a new glitch in Verdansk that is kind of ridiculous. Previously, we have seen wall glitches and teleportations. But the newest glitch on the block has everybody fighting ‘demons’. The gun glitch in Warzone is extremely cool to look at in my opinion. It transforms guns into something that looks like ‘symbiote spikes’ from the Spiderman universe. Any player who is experiencing the glitch also turns into an unstable spiked cube sometimes. Here’s a clip from Tyler TeePee’s Twitter which shows what it looks like when the enemy’s gun is glitched;

This actually happened in a live tournament. Toronto Ultra was hosting their $100k Payout Warzone Tournament. Professional broadcaster Knighty was commentating and this is how he chose to describe it on first glance;

The issue is not restricted to just tournaments. It is happening in almost every lobby. Furthermore, this glitch is genuinely game-breaking. The gun spasms take up a huge load of the screen restricting the player view. This tweet demonstrates how difficult it is land shots on a glitched player;

People all over have been going crazy over this issue. Popular streamer TimTheTatMan posted his frustration with the glitch today;

The glitch occurs only on weapons with skins. People who are picking up weapons with skins besides buying premade loadouts that have skins are getting the glitch. Popular Warzone streamer on YouTube, Vikkstar experienced the glitch in the first person but managed to shoot through the ACOG sight;

The examples are numerous and players are getting really frustrated as they are losing gunfights for no fault of their own.

What is Call Of Duty doing about it?

Infinity Ward rolled out a new patch yesterday as Infinity Ward’s Sr. Communications Manager, Ashton Williams took to Twitter;

Glitches are common for every heavy nuanced game like COD. Hence, the devs are expected to solve it before rolling new updates. This glitch, in particular, makes it unplayable at times. Therefore, it is imperative that the new patch comes out soon. Till then enjoy the memes.

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