Call of Duty World Champion Scrutinizes Prize Winnings Distribution Towards Organizations

September 16, 2020 12:20 pm

Ian’ Crimsix’ Porter is perhaps one of the greatest professional Call of Duty players of all time. He currently has the most wins in competitive Call of Duty, and many fans regard him as the GOAT. Crimsix recently bagged his third World Championship after Dallas Empire was crowned the inaugural Call of Duty League 2020 champions in August.

The Call of Duty pro put in some exceptional performances in the League which showcased his prowess. He was also awarded the postseason MVP by the Call of Duty League. Crimsix has tasted victory at an astonishing total of 37 major COD tournaments to date. This has earned him the tag of the winningest player in the history of competitive Call of Duty.

Crimsix is also known as someone who speaks his mind. A while back, he voiced his opinion on Twitter about prize winnings that a professional player has to split with their organization.

Crimsix speaks about prize winnings split towards organizations

In a recent tweet, Crimsix said, “High prize winnings split towards your team’s organization = Players making the majority of their income from salary = Players playing to keep their salaries and not playing to win. If I’m ever an owner one day, you’ll find me giving 100% of the prize winnings to the players.” He added, “Professional COD players are idiots, but we aren’t stupid. If I was presented a contract that says 50/50 prize split, I’d use it to wipe my a** and say try again.

More money definitely motivates the players to continue playing a game professionally at the highest level. They will keep working hard to perfect their individual gameplay and focus on winning. If players are not earning enough, they often tend to play for maintaining a good KD to retain their salary.

Crimsix’s statements have sparked a discussion among his fans. Several fans, as well as other Call of Duty pros, have agreed with Crimsix’s statements. Some have suggested that players should get to keep the entirety of tournament prize winnings with a lesser salary cap. It will drive them to grind and fuel the desire to win even more.

Others hold the opinion that the organization should receive a fair percentage of the prize winnings. That is because the organizations have to pay salaries to their players, as well as buy a franchise spot in the league.

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Call of Duty pro clarifies the circumstances

In another tweet, Crimsix cleared the air about the organizations he formerly represented in his Esports career. He assured that none of the owners of his previous Call of Duty teams ever suggested a 50/50 prize split to him. The pro also explained how the 50% cut eventually becomes 35% overall for a player after taxes are deducted.

Crimsix said, “To clarify: @hastr0 & @H3CZ @JasonBWLake have never proposed something so absurd to me as a 50/50 cut. Realistically, a 50/50 cut is more of a 35% overall cut to the players after the IRS’s gets theirs. Under a 50% cut, Champs winners ($300,000 each) would’ve made +/-$105,000.

Crimsix’s statements are well-reasoned and raise some valid points. He isn’t someone to shy away from voicing his opinions, even if those opinions are bold and frank. To perform and produce results at the highest level of professional gaming, one must believe in themselves. He is undoubtedly one of them. Ultimately, it boils down to the player and the organization to weigh the pros and cons of professional contracts.

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