Call of Duty World Champions Go Back and Forth on ‘Auto Sprint’ in Black Ops Cold War

December 10, 2020 3:38 pm

Ahead of the Call of Duty League 2021, Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire were playing against each other in a practice game. While both the star-studded teams put on a splendid match, a specific instance led to a debate between Crimsix and aBeZy.

Crimsix pulled off a sneaky kill against aBeZy, and boasted about it on Twitter. He soon deleted the tweets but YouTuber TacticalRab had covered the incident already.

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Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire were playing Hardpoint on Checkmate, when Crimsix stunned aBeZy while the latter was flanking from the left side.

Crimsix showed off his point of view, and tweeted, “Abezy went full mad dog after this kil huh.”

On the flip side, aBeZy clarified that he didn’t miss and Crimsix just hosted him. True to his nature, Crimsix took a firm stand and explained several parameters that put him in the advantage in that situation.

Here’s the complete Twitter thread before deletion:

Does Auto Sprint in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War give an unfair advantage?

Soon after the above-mentioned drama, aBeZy complained about auto sprint in Call of Duty’s latest title. The setting lets players slide cancel with ease, and the fact that people really let their stick do the movement amazed the professional. He soon deleted the tweet, but Reddit user r/Draculagged captured it just in time.

Watching Crimsix exploit the setting further motivated aBeZy to talk against auto sprint.

Up til now, the debate around auto sprint hasn’t been prominent in Call of Duty’s latest title. Interestingly, Modern Warfare also offers the setting, and professional players agreed to not use it because of the skill gap.

While aBeZy wants the developers to remove the setting in Black Ops Cold War, Crimsix has been allegedly using it for a long time now. From the looks of it, he is using it in Black Ops Cold War too.

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Do you think there’s a viable way to stop professional players from using auto sprint?

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