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Can Dominick Reyes hand Jon Jones the first loss of his MMA career?

Can Dominick Reyes hand Jon Jones the first loss of his MMA career?

Dominick Reyes will take on undisputed and undefeated Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight championship on Feb.9 inside Toyota Centre, Houston, United States. It will be Jon Jones’ third title defense in his second reign. After brilliant performances against Anthony Smith, and Thiago Santos, Jones will take on undefeated Dominick Reyes, who is currently enjoying a 12 fight win streak, with six victories coming inside the UFC octagon. 

Jon Jones stands distinguished as the only undefeated light heavyweight in the history of UFC. The then-undefeated Daniel Cormier spoke about Jones after suffering his first loss at UFC 182. 

“I’ve shared that cage with some very, very strong men and some very big men, heroes (and) superheroes, and I can’t say enough about his grit and his determination, because I pushed him and I went after him and I fought him but he did a good job.” 

Jon Jones is tall, quick and extremely good on the ground. Over time, he has gained the confidence of an elite fighter who believes that he can overcome any adversity. It has enabled him to pick victories against world champions and notable fighters like Anthony Smith, Quinton Jackson, Daniel Cormier, Alexander Gustaffson, Vitor Belfort, Rashad Evans, and many others. 

Can Dominick Reyes create history?

Dominick Reyes

Dominick Reyes poses a threat like no other. He is tall and negates the reach advantage that Jones has often enjoyed against his many opponents. Jones is an extremely talented wrestler and is equally efficient on the ground. He creates distance and effectively throws powerful jabs at his opponents. Jones can also take a beating and doesn’t run away from going to war. With three Fight of the Night and one Submission of the Night performance to his name, Jones remains lethal both on his feet and on the ground. He has incredible knockout power and can absorb a hard punch and not be out of his own game. Jones keeps his left hand in the air, which has resulted in a lot of criticism about the resulting eye pokes. He has also said that it helps him manage the pace of his punches, and create distance with the opponent. Dominick Reyes can try to keep the distance short and use his height to equal advantage.

How good is Jon Jones?

Jon Jones

“That was my intent was to be close. We talk a lot about reach, (but) even on the outside we were kind of trading jabs and stuff, so it wasn’t as big of a deal. I think it’s more his tactics than anything. He has a way of making himself feel actually bigger inside of the cage. It’s not his height or anything. It’s abilities that make him hard to deal with.”

Daniel Cormier said about Jon Jones. With the champion thinking of a jump to the heavyweight division, it remains to be seen if Jon Jones will suffer his first loss inside the octagon. Dominick Reyes will have to get past Jones’ defense, avoid his powerful punches, and evade those beautiful take-downs and those nasty eye-pokes. He will have to be ready for elite wrestling, and an incredible display of mixed martial arts. 

Come Feb.9, only the more efficient and prepared fighter will walk out with the championship belt. Will Dominick Reyes become the first fighter to finish Jon Jones inside the octagon?

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