“Can I Go?” – Kimi Raikkonen Shows How Keen He is to Run Away From Television Interview

February 2, 2020 10:45 pm

Kimi Raikkonen is an entertaining character. He still stands as the last Ferrari world champion, when he took the win in 2007. He is fast, severely talented and no matter how good/bad the car is, you can always expect him to be fighting till the very end. The one thing he isn’t very good at are media appearances.

It is not a hidden fact anymore that Kimi Raikkonen just hates media appearances. He hates control of any sort and prefers to live the life the way he wants. It was perhaps one of the primary reasons for him to be leaving Ferrari – the control that the team had over off and on track activities. At Alfa Romeo, he’s thoroughly expressed how much he’s enjoyed the freedom, something the team is more than happy to give. With Alfa, what has further reduced are the sponsor/media appearances that he’s supposed to be a part of. And while for fans, it may not be ideal, seeing less of the Iceman, for the Iceman himself, it is exactly what he would call the best possible scenario.

While additional media duties are no longer given to him, he still has to go through the basic ones. In one such media interview, undertaken by ‘Sky Sports’, Kimi had the perfect way of signing off from the interview. Without revealing much, we’ll let you watch the video for yourself:

While Hulkenberg was being called on stage, cheeky Kimi thought it was the perfect window for him to sneak out and that’s what he did. While the interviewers were hoping to get the two interviewed together, he just wasn’t ready to go through further. The whole video is funny nonetheless, with Kimi showing exactly why he is loved by every Formula One there is.

Isn’t Kimi Raikkonen a blessing? An entertaining character who is as talented as he is witty.

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