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Can Tyson Fury Last Another 12 Rounds Against Deontay Wilder?

Can Tyson Fury Last Another 12 Rounds Against Deontay Wilder?

After settling on a controversial draw when Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury first met, both the boxers will meet inside the ring yet again in an epic clash on Feb. 22 inside Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. The match has all the makings of a brilliant showdown between two of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Both the boxers are undefeated, with a majority of victories coming via knockout. Tyson Fury has appeared 30 times inside the ring, where he finished 20 opponents inside the ring.

The figure rises astonishingly for Deontay Wilder. The current WBC Heavyweight Champion has finished all the 40 opponents in his 41 wins inside the ring and remains undefeated. After winning the WBC heavyweight title from Bermane Stivern back in 2015 via unanimous decision, Wilder has knocked out each of his opponents going forward. Until not so long ago, when Wilder settled for a controversial draw against Tyson Fury in December 2018.

It was a boxing spectacle as two elite boxers squared off inside the ring. Despite losing rounds in the judges’ scorecards, Wilder managed to knockdown Fury twice. The 12th round knockdown during the early minutes is as thrilling as a title match can get.

Tyson Fury

The judges’ scorecard settled for a draw, and while boxing fans continue to argue about who won, Fury believes he came out a winner in that fight.

“He’s knocked out every man he’s ever faced,” Fury said after that usual sly smile and added, “Except one.”

And that’s definitely a victory for every boxer who has faced Deontay Wilder. He has gone onto defend his WBC championship belt twice after boxing with Fury and continues to be dominant in the division. However, going past Tyson Fury might not be that easy for Wilder. Even in the first encounter, Wilder was outclassed in boxing almost throughout the entire match. Wilder did what he does best, with two impressive knockdowns, he contributed to a thrilling draw.

Can Tyson Fury last another twelve rounds and pick up a victory this time?

Tyson Fury is a gifted boxer. He has very quick hands and feet for a man his size and moves incredibly quickly than a lot of heavyweights in the division. He is agile and keeps the momentum and pace running throughout the 12 rounds. Fury is awkward inside the ring and moves eerily similar to Mohammed Ali inside the ring. He makes quick adjustments and has a longer reach advantage. He is not the heavy puncher that Wilder is incredibly known for, but he carries an equally important aspect of winning rounds. And that’s where Fury can amend from last time, and look to finish the rounds without a knockdown.

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Deontay Wilder

Wilder is a boxer who decides to rely on his heavy punching, and that speaks a lot about his ability to continue with the same momentum despite losing multiple rounds. Wilder’s belief of finishing a match with just one punch sets him apart from other boxers. He can continue each time without worrying about the scorecard, as he always looks to finish his opponent. It’s no wonder that he has garnered the distinction of being similar to the likes of Mike Tyson when one talks about the greatest punchers in boxing history.

It won’t be easy for Tyson Fury. Wilder carries the skills of an attacking boxer. However he managed to stay away from a lot of Fury’s significant punches. It wasn’t just about Fury managing to last 12 rounds with Deontay Wilder, but Fury’s inability to finish Wilder too. Despite being dominating in boxing, Fury failed to create a real chance at winning via knockout. It seems unlikely that Fury will go for a knockout win, but that only gives Wilder more time to connect one punch and grab the victory.

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