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“You Can’t Fight Against Time” – Nadal

“You Can’t Fight Against Time” – Nadal

Rafael Nadal

Spanish world number 1, Rafael Nadal has always been a little bit cautious when speaking about his future. For years, he had been saying that he didn’t see himself playing beyond the age of 30.

Later, in 2016, he hinted that the Rio 2016 Olympics would probably be his last ever. Now, he has come to a stage of his career where he doesn’t want to set any limits for himself.

‘You can’t fight against the age and you can’t fight against (time),’ Nadal admitted . ‘The (time) keeps going always.

Rafael Nadal

So that’s it. For me, you know, if you tell me seven, eight years ago that I will be here with 32 years old having this trophy with me again, I will tell you that is something almost impossible, but here we are. I am not very worried about the future.

I always say the same: Tennis is a very important part of my life, without a doubt, but is not everything. So I have a lot of other things that makes me happy, and so I am not much worried about the future, no? I am enjoying the moment.

For me, today is a very special day and every day that I spend on tour enjoying all the experiences that the tennis gave me the possibility to live. I am just trying to keep enjoying, and I gonna keep playing until my body resists, and my happiness still high for playing tennis.

When that change, will be a time to do another thing, and I am not worried about this.’

Nadal had previously dropped to number 2 when Roger Federer won in Stuttgart. But, when the Swiss player lost to Borna Coric in Halle, Nadal swapped positions. Rafa will be on the back foot, having not played any major grass courts tournament ahead of Wimbledon.

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