Carlos Moya Says ‘No Major Changes’ in Rafa’s Playing Style

Carlos Moya says 'no major changes' in Rafa's playing style

Starting next year, Carlos Moya will be leading the Rafael Nadal team. He says there will not be many changes in the coaching pattern of Rafa. After winning numerous titles together, Uncle Toni will be stepping down from his coaching duties. Now, Moya will pick up where Uncle Toni left off. Moya will join Francis Roig to spearhead the Nadal coaching team.

However, Carlos Moya, has made it clear that he will not be making any major changes in the style of Rafa’s play. ‘We are speaking about an experienced player who is 31 years old and who knows what he needs to do. He relies on us only to provide information’, said Carlos Moya.

Carlos Moya says 'no major changes' in Rafa's playing style
2017 will bring a long relationship to an end between Rafael and Toni Nadal

Carlos Moya was his country’s Davis cup captain for a year, and has also worked with the Canadian player Milos Raonic, propelling him to world number three.  Moya says he never thought he would get the opportunity to work with the Spaniard. ‘I thought Nadal would end up with his usual team. He doesn’t like changes’, said Carlos Moya. Moya has been very close with Rafa since a long time, and has been a good friend, but now it will be more of a professional relationship.

‘It’s very different than being Davis cup captain. There you handle a group because everyone has his own coach. Being Raonic or Nadal’s coach makes, you have a bigger influence. You spend more time with him living day by day’, says Moya. It will be interesting to see how Rafa performs in his early months with Carlos Moya, and what changes Carlo Moya brings to Rafa’s overall playing style.


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