Carlos Sainz Competes with Lando Norris for the Title of Meme Lord

Everyone knows that Lando Norris is one of the funniest drivers on the 2019 grid and the unofficial ‘Meme Lord’. However, there has officially been a contender for his crown, and it is none other than his teammate Carlos Sainz. This time, his weapon of choice is an old classic, puns.

Sainz Jr and Lando Norris get along extremely well together and the fans love them for it. The two go together like bread and butter and everybody is always eager to watch their off track shenanigans.

The Spaniard scoured Instagram to look for puns that featured his name prominently and he was not disappointed with the results. He put them up on his page as a series of stories and he had plenty of fun. Here are some of the puns that Carlos Sainz managed to pick.

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Dhruv George