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Carlos Sainz Has Warned Of A Driver Exodus In F1

Carlos Sainz Has Warned Of A Driver Exodus In F1

Carlos Sainz Jr.

What could be possibly worse than having a driver exodus in Formula 1? Well, Carlos Sainz Jr. shared just that recently.

Time and again, the discussions regarding what might happen to Formula 1 concerning where’s it headed and what might happen to it in the course of the future have taken shape and stirred conversations.

To a sport that thrives on thrill and excitement, one wonders, how much of it is it being able to feed the fan, one who surpasses all possible hurdles in order to become one with the adjective of speed every race weekend?

Wondering how’s this even justified? During the time of Schumacher’s dominance, in those halcyon days of the late nineties and early 2000s, wasn’t the sport, at the behest of the German’s imperious run, becoming a one-sided story?

What’s more? Hasn’t the past half a decade not been another of those phases in the life of the fastest sport of the world where all the unique thrills and suspense is being provided by one team essentially?

Here’s a case in point. In the recent history of Formula 1, particularly from the onset of the 2014 season, the one narrative that’s driven the sport has been Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton’s dominance. It’s been such a dominant period of one team and driver’s success that the others on the grid, only seem to exist, doing little to counterbalance the trend.

Now imagine if on top of this the rules and regulations of the sport become such that they compel the drivers on the current serving grid to look elsewhere? How bad would that be, no?

Already, one of Formula 1’s greatest heroes Fernando Alonso turning elsewhere hasn’t been the best things ever- right? But to that end, it appears that a pragmatic suggestion shared by one of Alonso’s pupils, Carlos Sainz Jr. has raised an alarm, one that F1 may be well advised to follow.

Carlos Sainz Jr., among the best young drivers on the grid, someone who’s fighting for strong finishes in the midfield has raised a concern that if the rules and regulations of the sport aren’t changed for the better, then several drivers may turn away from the pinnacle of the motorsports.

To that end, here’s what Carlos Sainz Jr. had to say in lines with the above:

You see fellow drivers like Marcus [Ericsson] going to different series and immediately being on the pace and potentially winning races or being on the podium.”

He would further go on to add, “then you see yourself in Formula 1 and you’re stuck in P7… it’s something I haven’t got bored of as it’s only my fifth season but you think about Perez, [Nico] Hulkenberg, they’ve been here for many races and it’s something I struggle to feel is sustainable.”

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