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Carlos Sainz Is Hopeful Of Ferrari Closing The Gap To Mercedes

Carlos Sainz Is Hopeful Of Ferrari Closing The Gap To Mercedes

Carlos Sainz Jr.

Carlos Sainz Jr., the McLaren driver hasn’t really begun his new season with any resounding success or with anything remotely worthy of affording him some talk-time among the fraternity.

Apart from the solitary impressive performance, as seen through his P7 at Baku, Carlos Sainz Jr. has struggled for grip and consistency. Back-to-back DNFs starting Australia and Bahrain, notwithstanding, the fact that he wasn’t able to score any points at the 1000th F1 race, at China, didn’t really make him any interesting on the grid.

But that said, the young Spanish driver, a huge admirer of his compatriot Fernando Alonso happens to have shared a perspective about Ferrari, currently trailing Mercedes on the Constructor Standings.

But before we delve into the point put forth by Carlos Sainz Jr., it’s important to take cognizance of the situation. Thus far, Ferrari haven’t been able to amass even 100 points on the grid. They have a huge deficit to Mercedes- 74 to be precise- that happen to be the table-toppers on the Constructor Rankings.

To that end, that Ferrari haven’t been able to secure a second-place finish in four races hasn’t really made things look any brighter than they currently are. Now, that Carlos Sainz Jr. has shared some optimism on the Ferrari situation has made an interesting headline.

So what is it that the senior McLaren driver shared recently?

Given the fact that it’s Spain where most racing teams bring about their upgrades can, according to Carlos Sainz Jr., work in Ferrari’s favor. A leading online journal quoted the Spaniard as saying, “Yes, it can be shaken!”

He would go on to add the difference that Barcelona tends to bring to the tables, working something in favour of the teams.

“Barcelona can change the trend of the first four races, and hopefully it will go well for McLaren and Ferrari will come a little closer to Mercedes,” the Spanish driver added.

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