Carlos Sainz Jr Reveals a New Helmet to Go With His 2020 F1 Car

McLaren F1 have just unveiled their 2020 Formula One beast to the public. In addition to that, Carlos Sainz Jr decided that he needed a fresh start. So, to ring in the new season, the Spaniard unwrapped a new helmet to use for 2020. It largely resembled the original design, albeit with a few physical changes.

Straight away, Sainz Jr highlighted that the current design adorning the helmet is synonymous to him. Under the helmet, Sainz can be distinguished by the Spanish flag. The 25-year old also revealed that he adapted the lid that he used for the 100th Grand Prix.

The McLaren driver explained that most of his designs will have a dark grey as the base colour. However, he was open to playing around with the shades of grey, as the season progressed. He stated that he was doing this exercise to see which shade suited the Spanish flag the best.

What else did Carlos Sainz say about the helmet?

Going into the details of the helmet, he pointed out the picture of a chili, which is his nickname. He also has a star in tribute to the late Spanish racer, Maria de Villota, who was a good friend of his. He even showed off the Estrella Galicia logo on the front of the lid, as the company sponsors him.

Coming back to the new car, Carlos Sainz and teammate Lando Norris are quite excited. Sainz Jr spoke about the MCL35 and noted that it looked slimmer and better. He spoke about the matte finish and said, “I like it. I like it a lot.”

The Spanish driver is also hoping to build on his maiden Formula One podium at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix. It was McLaren’s first podium in five years and their first with the Renault power unit. Any other podiums this season would be its last, as McLaren will partner Mercedes in 2021.

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Dhruv George