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Carlos Sainz Struggles to Pronounce the Word ‘Meme’

Carlos Sainz Struggles to Pronounce the Word ‘Meme’

Following the British Grand Prix, the McLaren team undertook a challenge with their two drivers, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris. It was called the Whisper Challenge, which Is a fairly popular game. The idea is that one person plugs in headphones and listens to music at high volume while the other person speaks and the first person tries to guess what the other is saying.

During the game, Norris had a whale of a time tormenting Carlos Sainz, particularly on pronunciation. Admittedly, as the video began, Sainz got a little distracted by the playlist. However, since the artist was iconic British rock band, Queen, with one of their most recognizable hits, Bohemian Rhapsody, he could be forgiven.

Later in the video, Sainz Jr was having difficulty pronouncing the word ‘meme’, where the actual word was, Lando Norris’ moniker, ‘meme-lord’. Here is the full video:

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