Carlos Sainz Takes a Cheeky Dig at Promoters for Not Giving Him any TV Coverage in Races

McLaren’s Carlos Sainz is a driver who certainly knows how to fly under the radar while racing. During the recently concluded Singapore Grand Prix, Sainz was embroiled in a titanic midfield battle. The protagonists of that dogfight were, Sainz, Romain Grosjean, Lance Stroll and Daniel Ricciardo.

Unfortunately not many fans watching on TV had the luxury of enjoying that little scrap. Apparently the cameras did not pick up the four drivers going at it hammer and tongs. This actually irked Carlos Sainz, as it took place on the final lap, but most of the cameras were focused on the front-runners.

Sainz has often been on the receiving end of sneaking into top positions virtually unnoticed. It makes one wonder where he got his ninja license from, and the race was a testament of his defence.

Carlos Sainz was not only attacking Romain Grosjean, but defending from a hard-charging Daniel Ricciardo and Lance Stroll at the same time. Given the intensity of the fight, one would almost expect a huge crash between them. However, all four drivers kept it clean and provided some entertainment to the few who managed to catch the battle.

Even the Racing Point team found out about the mini-war and tweeted about it.

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Dhruv George