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Carlos Sainz Trolls McLaren Formula One Teammate Lando Norris

Carlos Sainz Trolls McLaren Formula One Teammate Lando Norris

McLaren really hit the jackpot when they paired up Carlos Sainz Jr with Lando Norris. The two drivers are not only talented and quick, but also get along swimmingly well. Their partnership truly is a match made in heaven and together, off the circuit, they are hilarious.

Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris also find ample opportunities to troll each other on social media. Just recently, Carlos Sainz posted a meme which was a sneaky dig at teammate Norris. He even super-imposed pictures of Sebastian Vettel, Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclerc, for good measure.

Lando Norris couldn’t help but respond, and conceded that Sainz won this round of the meme war.

McLaren have been in great form on the track and are targeting sixth place in the drivers’ championship for Carlos Sainz.

However Alexander Albon will be a massive threat, having moved to within 14 points of the Spaniard. Team principal Andreas Seidl is aware that holding off Albon will be a hefty task. However, Sainz is poised to overtake Pierre Gasly, who moved to Toro Rosso.

“For the drivers championship clearly our target with Carlos is to score P6,” he told the media. “There’s two main competitors which is Gasly and Albon. Albon is catching up quickly so hopefully we can keep this fight up as long as possible.”

If Sainz finishes sixth he will be the first non-Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull driver to finish in the top six since 2015.

Seidl has disclosed that he was immediately impressed by Sainz’s technical feedback.

He said “Carlos, you could see straight away, the first time I met him, that he has experience already. He has seen two other teams already in the past which brought him a lot of experience which he and then several seasons on his back already.

“So he was a key element in terms of guiding [and] driving the development of the car since his first test last year in Abu Dhabi.

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