Carson Opens Up After Fitz-Katerino Love Scandal

Published 04/15/2020, 4:49 PM EDT

The gaming community was stunned by the Katerino-CallMeCarson-Fitz scandal recently. Katerino, a Twitch streamer, and CallMeCarson a YouTuber had grown close recently until it all went to hell. Katerino had been cheating on Carson with his own friend Fitz. After a period of silence, Katerino finally opened up on the scandal today, giving her version of the things that went down earlier in the year.


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In March, Carson tweeted out very sad and negative tweets on his handle, which caused a bit of confusion among his fans. While some knew what was going on, most were unaware of the personal issues the YouTuber was going through.


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And then this followed a few days later.


A love scandal

A guy with a unique sense of humor, Carson did tweet out every now and then even during his break.

As it turned out, he was going through quite a difficult time in his personal life. Having streamed and partnered up with Katerino for a while, the pair had started a relationship. These were happy times for Carson; his professional life was thriving, he was in a relationship with a fellow streamer and both sets of fans loved the couple. What could go wrong? Well, everything.

The blissful relationship came to a cruel end for Carson when he found out Katerino had been cheating on him with his own friend Fitz. In an instant, Carson had not only realized his relationship was a lie but also lost a close friend.

The cruelty did not stop there. As things started to unfurl, we discovered Katerino was also in a relationship with her manager during this time. Furthermore, there was another guy involved as well.

Katerino’s apology

Both Carson and Katerino stepped away from streaming following the public disclosure of the scandal. That was until Katerino released a video, giving her account of proceedings.

Check out the video below.

While Katerino did apologize for her behavior, she seems to be trying something of a cop-out with her mental disorder.

I do not mean to say she is lying about it or mental issues are not serious. Of course, they are. It is a terrible thing to have to battle mental disorders.

What I mean is she seems to be pushing it to the forefront as the main culprit. Perhaps her depersonalization was at the root of her behavior, but she could have held off on talking about it, at least in this video.

Her behavior caused a lot of emotional distress for others The very least she could do was simply apologize and let it float for a day, if not more.

Carson Releases Statement

Carson too had a message for his fans and Katerino and Fitz in a statement. He apologized to the pair for making public what he now believes should have stayed between them.


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Below is an excerpt from his statement. To me, this statement was more of a heartfelt apology than Katerino’s.

“Moving forward, please respect Kate and Fitz’ time to process this, as well as respect their break or whatever they choose to do.

To Kate and Fitz: I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you, and I’m sorry for putting your private lives on display for the world. It was the wrong decision and I apologize. You did wrong, but you didn’t deserve your careers jeopardized. I hope you both can become the people I want to see you as.


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Anyways that’s about it. I’m gonna go back to playing 8ball now.”

You can read the full statement here.

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