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Catalan Moto3 Preview: Tony Arbolino

Catalan Moto3 Preview: Tony Arbolino

For the 7th Grand Prix weekend’, the Moto3 paddock heads back to Spain. This time in Catalonia, to be precise, in Montmel√≤ close to Barcelona. This weekend, is the Catalan Moto3 race at the Circuit de Catalunya.

In 1991 the ‘Barcelona Circuit’ made its debut in the Formula 1 calendar. In 1992 it’s construction coincided with the ‘Olympics Games’. In the same year, the circuit was included in the MotoGP World Championship calendar as the Catalan GP.

With the capacity of 104.000 spectators, the Barcelona Circuit, look like as a real stadium, with a lots of grandstands that surrounding the track.

Catalan Moto3
The Circuit de Catalunya

After 2 years, the Barcelona track layout has reverted to the original one, minus the ‘RACC’ chicane, added in 2016. That change was made in the aftermath of the tragic death of Moto2 rider Luis Salom.

Tony’s first podium in Junior World Championship was here in 2016. The Italian finished in 2nd place, fighting with compatriot Lorenzo Dalla Porta.

Tony has fond memories of this circuit that he loves and he will be hoping for a good result. Unfortunately this weekend, he is not fully fit for this race due to inflammation of the right hand tendon.

Tony said, “I am very motivated and full of energy for this GP and the original track layout makes me remind of good memories. This is one of my favorite track and we’ll start to turn on the new tarmac, giving 100% to stay at the top! Unfortunately my wrist hurts, this little problem is not what I needed at half season, but for sure I will feel better soon thanks to Clinica Mobile support”

Here is hoping that he heals enough to race or that the injury will not hinder him too much. As of qualifying, Tony Arbolino will start the Catalan Moto3 race in 22nd position, heading the 8th row.

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