“Dying Everyday” in Training Camp, Ryan Garcia Knew He’d Lose to Abdul Wahid (Formerly Gervonta Davis)

Published 02/01/2024, 1:37 AM EST

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Ryan Garcia’s recent revelation on the PBD podcast hints at a tumultuous journey before facing Abdul Wahid. Was his defeat predestined? Garcia spoke of a ‘mole’ in his camp. How did this betrayal impact him? Amidst rigorous training, an odd incident occurred, altering Garcia’s fate.

He described a routine sparring session turning into a nightmare. A rib injury, but was it just bad luck or something more? Garcia’s candid account raised questions. What really goes on behind the gloves and glamour of boxing?

The sparring session that changed everything for Ryan Garcia


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Ryan Garcia’s words on the PBD podcast vividly paint the picture of his grueling pre-fight experience. “I’m cutting weight, I’m literally dying,” he confessed, laying bare the harsh reality of his training regime. This extreme weight loss process, a common yet perilous practice in boxing, pushed his body to the brink. “I’m dehydrated every day, it’s getting bad,” Garcia continued, highlighting the physical toll it took on him.


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Then, a fateful sparring session changed everything. “Within the first 30 seconds, I take a routine body shot,” Garcia recalled. This wasn’t an extraordinary punch, but its impact was devastating due to his weakened state. “Boom, it goes down,” he described the moment his rib separated. “Something happened to my rib; I can’t breathe,” he recounted, signaling an immediate halt to the sparring.

Adding to the physical pain was a psychological blow. Garcia referenced a video by his sparring partner, Tsendbaatar Erdenebat, which went viral. “Ryan, are you okay?” Erdenebat mockingly asked in the video, turning Garcia’s plight into an internet meme. This act of betrayal, coming from within his own camp, was a double-edged sword, compounding his physical injury with emotional distress.

Did all of this make him think he would lose?


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Pre-fight intuition

Ryan Garcia shared a pivotal pre-fight realization with Patrick Bet David on the PBD podcast. “For the first time ever in the back room I said to myself I’m losing this fight,” he confessed. This wasn’t just pre-fight jitters; it was a profound acknowledgment of his physical state.

“Nothing’s going right, I’m so weak, none of my punches are coming off sharp,” Garcia continued, laying bare the reality of his situation. He even predicted the nature of his defeat, saying, “I’m going to lose this fight… how I’m going to lose this fight is going to be crazy.” This candid admission to himself underscored the challenges he faced and the mindset with which he entered the ring.


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How often do fighters enter battles knowing they’re at a disadvantage, and what does that say about the brutal demands of this sport?

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