Fans Brand Margot Robbie’s Movie “Rubbish” as Paris Fury and Her Daughter Join the Glamorous World of ‘Barbie’

Published 07/22/2023, 8:51 AM EDT

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This week, ‘Barbie’ fever has swept the nation, captivating audiences of all ages with its enchanting storyline and dazzling visuals. The iconic doll turned movie star has charmed fans worldwide, and the Fury family, led by mum-of-six Paris Fury, has joyfully joined in on the Barbie mania. The movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has broken box office records just days after its release with many fans of the franchise enjoying a real-life version of the iconic doll.

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Paris has always been a devoted mother to their six children, with their seventh on the way. Throughout their journey as parents, the Fury family has endeared themselves to fans with their down-to-earth and relatable approach to parenting. Sharing glimpses of their family life on social media, Paris has kept followers captivated with heartwarming moments of love and togetherness. Moreover, Paris and her family added a touch of glamour to their day by joining in on the Barbie-themed fun.

Paris Fury and her family embrace the Barbie glamour despite mixed reviews


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Joining the nation in its fascination with the ‘Barbie’ movie, Paris took to Instagram. She also showcased the delightful preparations she made for her daughter Valencia and her friends. Moreover, in true Barbie fashion, she wore a pink T-shirt and styled her hair in playful pink bunches. The love and enthusiasm that Paris poured into creating a magical experience for her daughter and her friends were evident.

Had to take my girl to see #Barbie Movie today” she wrote in a photo alongside her daughter.


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As ‘Barbie’ hit the big screens, fans flooded social media with their immediate impressions of the film. While many celebrated the movie’s dazzling visuals and heartwarming storyline, others expressed their disappointment, labeling the movie as “rubbish.”

A user revealed that she also took her daughter to watch the movie. However, they were disappointed by it. “I took mine. Thought it was a load of rubbish! Tbh” she wrote.

Another user also labeled the movie as ‘rubbish’. ” looks like the movie is rubbish.” he wrote.

Moreover, a user named Robyn Corps revealed that she just got back after watching the movie. According to her, the film was disappointing and certainly did not live up to her expectations. “Just got back from watching it with my sisters and nieces and we all said the same. Was a load of rubbish.” she wrote.

A user named Liz Evans claimed that her daughter was too old for the movie. Despite this, she urged Paris to enjoy these moments with her child. “ My daughter is nearly 17 now so we don’t do things like this anymore.  Enjoy all these moments Paris” she wrote.


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Another user also wondered how the movie was and also complimented Paris and her daughter. “How was it? BTW You both look great,” she wrote,

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As the Barbie movie continues to captivate audiences with its glitz and glamour, fan reactions have been diverse, spanning from exuberant praise to critical disapproval. However, amidst these differing opinions, Paris Fury and her family embraced the Barbie magic. Regardless of the movie’s reception, the Fury family’s celebration of togetherness and love shines brightly. Moreover, with their latest reality show ‘At Home With The Fury’s’ about hit Netflix, fans will be excited to see a glimpse inside ‘The Gyspy King’s’ household.


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What did you think about Paris Fury and her daughter dressing up to see Barbie? Let us know in the comments.

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