14 Years After His Death, Michael Jackson’s Son Unveils Real Reason Behind 6-Year-Long Delay of Father’s Unreleased Biopic on Mike Tyson’s Podcast

Published 09/06/2023, 3:59 AM EDT

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Michael Jackson was a larger-than-life personality. Multiple biopics and documentaries have been made on him. However, in a recent turn of events, his son, Prince Jackson, revealed he has been working on a biopic based on his father’s life. This happened during an episode of ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.’

During the episode, Jackson shared what it was like to grow up in isolation and about the lesser-known side of his father’s life. Moreover, he shared that he had been working on the project for more than six years alongside one of the best producers in the industry. However, he did not intend for it to take this long. On Tyson’s podcast, he shared why the release of the biopic has been delayed.

Prince Jackson explains why the biopic has not been released yet


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In the interview, he reveals meeting Graham King and working on a biopic about his father. He claimed that King knew Jackson and wanted to make a film on the life of the ‘King of Pop.’ However, the documentary has not yet been released. There are a few reasons for the documentary being delayed. The pandemic, which put a pause on so many projects, is definitely one of them.

In addition, he claimed the documentary exposed him to many intriguing things about his life and the same requires adequate time to process. In the interview, he states, “It’s been a while. Obviously, the pandemic, right, messed up everybody’s schedule, but I think I met Graham in like 2017 or 18. From there we’ve just been continuously having conversations and more and more pieces of the puzzle get put in there.”


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Prince seems to be okay with the biopic taking its time, as he hopes to make sure they get everything just right. It is definitely a project that is very close to his heart. In fact, when he first read the script, he had a very emotional reaction.


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Prince Jackson reveals he cried after reading the script of the Michael Jackson biopic

In the same interview, the son of the ‘King of Pop’, revealed that reading the first draft of the biopic brought tears to his eye and he was moved by how Graham King had captured who his father really was. He stated, “After I read the first draft of the script, I called him because I was crying afterwards, and I told him that he had the most authentic picture of my father.”


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14 years after his death, Jackson remains a pivotal figure in culture. The emotions of his son and his fans are a testament to the same. However, we are curious to know whether you are excited about this biopic. Considering what Prince Jackson has said about the biopic and how it captures his father, do you think it will change the way people see him? Share your thoughts with us below.

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